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TORUS Mosaic / DDH IPA【350ml】

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As written in the five-dimensional document, our true form is high-dimensional energy! ! ! That is.
Is your house still asleep?
[Brewers Note]
Brewed using only Mosaic hops to express a high-dimensional energy torus.
Switching the lot from mosaic hop this time and changing it from the previous lot.
Mosaic of this lot has a very strong citrus feeling, and I love the nuances of blueberry and lemon.
Tangerine Blueberry Dunk Lemonade! ! !

※Keep refrigerated

・Product: Happoshu ・Manufacturer: Uchu Brewing ・Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture ・Ingredients: Malt (foreign production), wheat, hops, oats, maltodextrin ・Alcohol content: 7%
・Contents: 350ml
・Style: DDH IPA