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The Gateway Empowered / Imperial Stout w/Coffee & Vanilla【500ml】

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The time is ripe. While the Alchemists are expanding their power, Nemesis quietly visits the forbidden land "Forbidden Land" and begins his final work.

The forbidden book, The Black Book, is chanted. "I want power! Return! (Let go!)"

Nemesis sorcery echoes in long-forgotten souls. It must have accumulated a great deal of power over the years, and the terrifying roar easily tears off the jet-black chains, and the whole area is enveloped in a terrifying darkness. Finally, the gate that emits a powerful gravitational force is released,
Hop Breaker, the evil giant that everyone fears and fights, wakes up again.

The willless demon soldiers' eyes grow mercilessly cruel, and no one can stop the power of the dark side.

The new Gateway Empowered uses vanilla beans as secondary ingredients, coffee beans procured from @crearcoffee_official, and Ethiopian “Nigse Gemeda Mude*”.

Berry fruity feeling derived from coffee. A nuance of rum in a roasted fragrant scent. From milk chocolate to bitter flavors, vanilla and coffee flavors are also appearing one after another. While feeling the acidity of oranges, it concludes with a sweetness reminiscent of marshmallows.

*Nigse Gemeda Mude: A masterpiece that won first place in Ethiopia, a treasure trove of coffee beans, at the specialty coffee competition “COE” held around the world .

※Keep refrigerated

・Item: Happoshu


・Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture

・Ingredients: Malt (manufactured in England), sugar, coffee, hops, vanilla

・Alcohol content: 13.0 degrees

・Contents: 500ml

・Style: Imperial Stout w/Coffee & Vanilla