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Sweet whispers / Fruits Smoothie Sour【330ml】

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[Just like mango juice! ? Special tropical smoothie sour! ! ]

The annual WITCH CRAFT MARKET and AMAKUSA SONAR BEER collaboration fruit sour. This time, I'm trying to make a special thick mango juice.

The sweetness of dekopon with high sugar content, pineapple, and kiwi are rushing one after another to the richness of a ripe mango.

Enjoy the gentle mouthfeel of custard cream made with jersey milk and a rich tropical paradise!

Recently, the competition to purchase AMAKUSA SONAR BEER has become extremely fierce, and some people have come to call this competition to purchase "AMAKUSA's Rebellion".

Please take this opportunity to try this hard-to-find fruit beer!

※Keep refrigerated


・Origin: Kumamoto Prefecture

・Alcohol content: 6 degrees

・Ingredients: malt, shiranui, mango, kiwi, pineapple, glucose, custard cream

・Contents: 330ml

・Style: Fruits Smoothie Sour