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Uchuu DAIGAKU learning about five-dimensional fruits.
In order to reach the 5th dimensional fruit, it is necessary to face the true self.
You are led to the home and inner sanctuary of President Bonten, where the president has transformed! !
Who am I! !
you are the universe !
[Brewers Note]
The transformed President Bonten's power has been poured into DIPA.
A combination of yeast with fruity characteristics and American and Australian hops, a gentle and thick mouthfeel!
Peach Peach Peach Orange Passion Grapefruit Lime! ! !

※Keep refrigerated

・Product: Happoshu ・Manufacturer: Uchu Brewing ・Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture ・Ingredients: Malt (foreign production), oats, hops, maltodextrin, sugars ・Alcohol content: 8.5%
・Contents: 350ml
・Style: DDH DIPA