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Three Kingdoms - Zhou Tai New Yarmouth 1994【700ml】

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[Only 1 bottle of 48 super rare rums in stock in Japan! ]

A super rare bottle has arrived from the independent bottler " THE WHISKYFIND ", which is attracting the most attention in Taiwan!

Taiwanese cartoonist Cheng Wen
His work is not limited to the framework of manga, but rather combines the techniques of Chinese landscape paintings, watercolor paintings, and comics from Japan and the United States to create a magnificent and splendid original style, drawing out a sense of dynamism and tension that is perfect for the story. I'm here.
By using his masterpiece "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" as a whiskey label, The Whiskyfind's unique selection of barrels and whiskeys selected for each story will be fused, and I would like you to reinterpret the world view of "Cheng Mon's Romance of the Three Kingdoms". That's what I feel.

Zhou Tai is a veteran general who also served as Sun Quan's bodyguard.
Many times he saved his master's life on the battlefield.
The liquor of choice for him is rum from New Yarmouth Distillery.
This distillery is a very mysterious distillery that is basically closed to the public and only a limited number of people can enter.
This rum was distilled in 1994, aged 24 years tropically, and then matured in Europe for 3 years.
Alcohol content is 67.1%! The flavor is very powerful and deep,
Ram is like a monster like Zhou Tai!

 ~Tasting notes~

・Nose: Pineapple candy, Assam tea, honey, propolis, maple syrup, vanilla, bubble gum, tobacco ash

Palate: Bubbles, honey, strawberry, vanilla, cinnamon, honeydew, smoked ham, very powerful and oily

・Finish: Honey, Ham, Apricot, Peach, Black Tea, Woody, Subtle Funky, Cinnamon, Black Coffee, Chocolate

・Bottler: THE WHISKYFIND / Whiskey Find (Taiwan)
・Liquor: Rum ・Distilled year: 1994 ・Bottling: 2022 ・Aging: 27 years ・Cask type: Barrel ・Cask number: 435071
・ Frequency: 67.1%
・Number: 249

鄭問三國志 - 周泰 New Yarmouth 1994【700ml】
Three Kingdoms - Zhou Tai New Yarmouth 1994【700ml】 Sale price¥80,000