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REVIVE from NINJA【375ml】

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An adult Japanese gin has been completed.

The unique scents of myoga, sudachi, and sencha are enveloped in the sweet scent of chamomile and furukicha.
When you put it in your mouth, it has a very mellow quality, starting with the vivid citrus and greenness of coriander seeds, then the deep fresh green scent of TeaRoom's Okochi Sencha, and finally the sharp spice of myoga. , When water is added, myoga comes out to the front.
REVIVE: Tonic = 1:3~4 is recommended.

The label design is a collaboration with Heralbony Co., Ltd., which creates a new culture with welfare as the starting point, with the mission of "Let it shine."

Author name: Michiyo Yaegashi, title of work "Origami"

・Manufacturer: The Ethical Spirits & Co.

・Origin: Tokyo

・Ingredients: Juniper berries, pickled sudachi, myoga (stem), old tree tea, coriander seed, angelica root, green tea, chamomile

・Alcohol content: 45%

・Contents: 375ml

REVIVE from NINJA【375ml】 Sale price¥5,445