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Bru-Hi 河内晩柑ミックス / Hard Seltze【350ml】

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—— Brewer's note ——
Seltzer! ? What is this? ! Whats this?! Isn't it beer?

Don't worry, I'll explain a little more.

“Seltzer” is a bit of a hot topic in the world of craft beer, but to be honest, I personally like it a lot. It tastes like a cocktail, but it's an alcoholic drink fermented with brewer's yeast. Of course, there are many levels of seltzer, some delicious and some not.

As with beer, you'll often find great 'seltzer'.
We opened our hearts and entered the world of seltzer. That's how Nomcraft's first hard seltzer "Bru-Hi" was completed.

"Bru-Hi" is the perfect drink to drink between beers, after a workout, outdoors, or at any time due to its ultimate drinkability.

Just like working out a cocktail recipe, I mixed “Blood Orange” and “Key Lime” in “Bru-Hi” this time.

Light and spirited with a bit of acidity. Key lime adds a spicy aroma to the aftertaste.
We hope you enjoy Goku Goku "Bru-Hi".

※Keep refrigerated

・Product: Beer ・Manufacturer: NOMCRAFT BREWING
・Origin: Wakayama Prefecture ・Alcohol: 4% ・Malt: Pilsner
·material: Blood Orange, Key Lime
・Yeast: Lutra Kveik
・Contents: 330ml
・IBU: 0
·style: Hard Seltzer

Bru-Hi  河内晩柑ミックス / Hard Seltze【350ml】
Bru-Hi 河内晩柑ミックス / Hard Seltze【350ml】 Sale price¥773