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Outdoor "camping" is very popular among young people in the galaxy.
As much as visiting various stars and looking at the beautiful night sky and dawn
They look forward to a campfire.
Ignition, of course, summons Uchu Dragon!
Then, you can talk about your dreams with your friends around the fire and create an exciting future.
[Brewers Note]
The easiest to drink in Uchu! simple! Drinkable!
In this batch, we fine-tuned the temperature at the manufacturing stage, making it easy to drink and satisfying.
I made sure that the bright aroma was extracted from the hops as well.
Peach Peach Citrus Fluffy White Grape! !

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Uchu Brewing ・Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture ・Ingredients: Malt (foreign-produced), hops, maltodextrin
・Alcohol content: 4.5 degrees
・Contents: 350ml
·style: BLONDE ALE