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THE WHISKYFIND - Meowseum The Birth of Venus / Glen Elgin 2009

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A super rare bottle has arrived from the independent bottler " THE WHISKYFIND ", which is attracting the most attention in Taiwan!

Meowseum - The Birth of Venus Glen Elgin 2009

The original painting is The Birth of Venus by Botticelli.
Botticelli is one of the most famous painters of the Renaissance period.
To celebrate the birth of Venus Kitten, this bottle picks up Glen Elgin 2009. Two sister hogsheads from the same vintage are butted for a pure, round, elegant scent and silky mouthfeel.

~Tasting notes~
・Nose: mint, milk chocolate, white peach, floral, lemongrass, toasted nuts, salty cheese, creamy, oily

・Palate: Very juicy and creamy, peach, guava, milk chocolate, hazelnut, white pepper, oily, mellow mouthfeel

・Finish: Montblanc, hazelnuts, vanilla syrup, fruity aftertaste lasts for a very long time

・2022 700ml 58%
・Distilled: 2009
・Bottled: 2022
・Aged: 12yo
・Cask Type: 2 x Hogshead
・Cask No.: 806385, 806386
・ Frequency: 58%
・Quantity: 475 ・Weight: 2.1kg