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Peach peach peach melon lychee!

An insatiable quest for hops.
How much hop can we unleash into the tank universe?
Are there limits? !
Add more hops with each brew.
Infinite or finite, you decide! !
you are the universe !
If you think you're at your limit, give up #Uchu
[Brewers Note]
According to research institutes and hop companies, the effect of the amount of hops added on aroma and flavor does not change beyond a certain amount.
Is that really true! ?
At Uchu Brewing, we usually add about twice that amount.
And I could feel a definite difference.
I wanted to know one more thing.
How far can we use a large amount of hops to make delicious beer?
vol.3 is 3.5 times the general maximum value! ! !
I won't let you give up yet! ! !
Peach peach peach melon lychee! ! !

※Keep refrigerated

・Style: D DH DIPA
・Alcohol: 8.5%
・Item: Happoshu 50% or more malt raw materials: Malt (foreign production), hops, sugars, maltodextrin/Hop: Citra