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Let's La Go Go Go Go / West Coast IPA【350ml】

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Dry hopping of Simcoe (cryo) in the second half of fermentation from Mosaic at Whirlpool.

Magnum clean bitterness with pleasant citrus and pine flavors. Although it has a strong impression of bitterness, it disappears with a sharpness, and I was conscious of finishing it so that it could be balanced with the Mosaic & Simcoe flavor. I think the finish has a fruity roundness derived from yeast, so I hope you enjoy that as well.

* Refrigeration required / Item: Beer / Manufacturer: BREW CLASSIC
・Origin: Ishikawa Prefecture ・Alcohol: 6.5% ・IBU: -
・Material name: Maris Otter (malt), Mosaic, Simcoe (cryo), Magnum (hop), YS-04 (East)
·style: West Coast IPA
・Contents: 350ml