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LEMON AND GRAPEFRUIT / Hard Seltzer【500ml】

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[Repubrew's second hard seltzer series that is currently a hot topic! ]

“Hard seltzer” is a “fermented drink with alcohol for health”, which is low in calories and sugar-free.

Unlike shochu high, it does not use distilled liquor, and you can enjoy the natural aroma and flavor that comes from yeast and fruits!

Various types of seltzer will be released as the "seltzer series" in the future!

Using lemon and grapefruit, it is a cup with a refreshing citrus flavor and sourness!

It goes well with foods such as fried chicken, ajillo, and ginger!

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Repubrew
・Origin: Shizuoka ・Alcohol content: 5% ・Malt: Pilsner
・Contents: 500ml
・Style: Hard Seltzer