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HINEMOS 10 Brand Drink Comparison Set

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Enjoy the transition of time, the most popular drink comparison set

"HINEMOS TASTING SET", the most popular HINEMOS product, has been renewed. A premium drink comparison set that allows you to enjoy 10 brands of HINEMOS at once was born.
"HINEMOS TASTING SET for the day" where you can taste 10 brands at once

There are sake with distinct characteristics, and you can enjoy sake according to each time.

Sake that snuggles up to time. For a special day dinner where two people toast each other as time goes by. Have a toast with your favorite sake while spending time with your close friends. HINEMOS stays close to everyone's irreplaceable time.


・Introduction of 10 brands SHICHIJI (PM7:00) Alc.5%
HACHIJI (PM8:00) Alc.7%
KUJI (PM9:00) Alc.15%
JUJI (PM10:00) Alc.15%
JUICHIJI (PM11:00) Alc.14%
REIJI (0:00 AM) Alc.5%
ICHIJI (AM1:00) Alc.16%
NIJI (AM2:00) Alc.15%
SANJI (AM3:00) Alc.15%
YOJI (4:00 AM) Alc.9%

・Manufacturer: Rice Wine
・Origin: Kanagawa Prefecture
170ml x 10 bottles (5 sweet, 5 dry)
・Size: 19 x 27.7 x 11.1 cm (approximately 4 kg)

HINEMOS 10 Brand Drink Comparison Set
HINEMOS 10 Brand Drink Comparison Set Sale price¥8,463