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A young man in the galaxy lost sight of himself and was tormented by an empty heart. Lacking self-confidence and no hope for the future, he decided to visit Master Kashei, the master of the Fire Dojo, in search of a place to rest.
A young man who set foot on Mars and threw himself into a painful but rigorous training struggled to find himself and what he wanted. A fateful encounter awaited him.
The encounter with Uchu-sensei brought about a major turning point in the young man's life. Uchu-sensei taught the young man that he himself is the universe itself and that he already has everything.
These words made a deep impression on the young man's mind, and he realized that he was a great being and that he was his own creator. The young man who recognized himself as the universe master finally caused the big bang and created a new universe.
The most important thing for him was to love himself and find satisfaction from within. A young man has unleashed his own potential and found his own calling.
He was able to inspire many and give them the courage to find themselves. Having found himself, the young man was able to unleash his power from within and create a new universe.
His dream came true because he found himself and was able to lead others.
The young man found the light within himself, learning that he needed to find contentment from within in order to lead a fulfilling life.
It's up to you to seize freedom in this world!
you are the universe !
[Brewers Note]
world's first! ? The long-awaited collaboration with AI has come true.
Based on the recipe of the beer that AI beats out, we have repeated dialogues and brewed so that it can produce an authentic taste.
So-called delicious recipes, where should brewers aim in the present where AI can give answers in an instant?
Yes, there is no choice but to become the universe! You too!
you are the universe

※Keep refrigerated

・Product: Happoshu ・Manufacturer: Uchu Brewing ・Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture ・Ingredients: Malt (foreign production), oats, hops ・Alcohol content: 7%
・Contents: 350ml
・Style: DDH IPA collaboration w/AI