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HANATOMOE NEW unpasteurized sake [720ml/1,800ml]

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[ New sake from the HANATOMOE series! ]

A sake characterized by light acidity. Some people may think that Hanatomo has a “rich” image, but with the balance of acidity, umami, sweetness, and bitterness, we aim for a variety of flavors by exploring the position of sake that makes use of acidity. It is said that there is!

This product has a refreshing, fruity (slightly sweet fragrance), light acidity, and bitterness that coexist without a sense of aging. You can feel the atmosphere reminiscent of lemon water!

This year, even though we have increased the percentage of yeast starter, it has a gentle finish that retains its sweetness.

※Keep refrigerated

・Item: Sake

・Manufacturer: Miyoshino Sake Brewery

・Origin: Nara Prefecture

・Ingredients: Contract-grown sake rice from Nara Prefecture

・Alcohol content: 14.0 degrees

・Rice polishing ratio: 60%

・Shubo manufacturing method: Yamahai (no yeast added)

・Contents: 720ml or 1,800ml

・Unpasteurized sake (requires refrigeration)