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"Swan Jun" Junmai Ginjo cloudy [500ml]

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Junmai Nigorizake of Yamada Nishiki.
It is characterized by its refreshing taste and deep umami.
It is a refreshing drink without the image of being cloudy or heavy. It will be a cloudy sake unique to Japanese sake. There are very few wines that are cloudy, and you can enjoy both deep richness and refreshing throat. Although it is cloudy, it is heat-treated so you can enjoy it with a fresh taste.

・Food that goes well: It goes well with both Japanese and Western food.
・Uses 100% Awaichiba Yamada Nishiki whiskey ・Rice polishing ratio 60%

・Manufacturer: Miyoshi Chrysanthemum Sake Brewery

・Origin: Tokushima Prefecture

・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

・Alcohol content: 16 degrees

・Contents: 500ml


・YUMMY type: Toro Toro

*The product image is an image. Some specifications differ from the actual product.
"Swan Jun" Junmai Ginjo cloudy [500ml] Sale price¥3,850