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GMT+9 Redefined Boundaries / BA Sour【750ml】

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Aged for about 18 months in wine barrels (red and white). Honey from Nagasaka Bee Farm in Hamamatsu City is used as sugar for secondary fermentation.

Not only is the freshly brewed beer delicious, but we also want everyone to experience the splendor of the barrel-aged sour that takes time to finish.

WCB's new beer brand, which is made with such thoughts, is aged in wooden barrels.

This beer is aged in red and white wine barrels for a long time of about 18 months.

・The product is shipped at room temperature.
・When you receive the product, please store it in a cool and dark place.
・Do not move the bottle frequently during storage, and store it upright instead of lying on its side. Please .
・In order to suppress foaming, leave it for at least one day after leaving it to stand still.
・Since bubbles may spurt out at the same time as opening, be sure to prepare a saucer such as a bowl or cup in a place where there is water such as a sink and open the stopper.
・We cannot accept product exchanges or reshipments of beer that has flowed out.
・Because the cork may fly in an unexpected direction, open the bottle as far away from your face and body as possible.
・Make sure there are no people around and that there is nothing broken by the stopper.
・Yeast and bacteria are deposited at the bottom of the bottle. When pouring, please tilt the bottle slowly so that these do not come out with the beer.

* Refrigeration required / Alcohol: 5.0%
・Type: Barrel Aged Sour ・Capacity: 750ml
・Production area: Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan (Mochimune Port)
Additional yeast: In-house house yeast ・Wort: Pilsner malt, wheat, aged hops (from Europe)
Fermentation vessel: red wine barrel (Japan), white wine barrel (France)
Fermentation time: 18 months
Sub-ingredients: kiwi fruit
Sugars for secondary fermentation: Raw honey (Nagasaka Bee Farm, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

GMT+9 Redefined Boundaries / BA Sour【750ml】
GMT+9 Redefined Boundaries / BA Sour【750ml】 Sale price¥4,219