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Fragola / Unfiltered raw sake Origarami [500ml]

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[Second liquor using Fukuoka's proud brand strawberry "Amaou" ]

The sweet and sour flavor spreads in your mouth, and everyone's favorite Fukuoka's representative brand strawberry "Amaou" is used luxuriously.

Because it is tied up, it is characterized by a more robust taste than clear sake, and you can enjoy the aroma and taste of Amaou in the afterglow while having the sake.

The first version was so popular that it sold out immediately, so the second version was released as soon as possible.

This time, it is a specification related to Origami, which has increased the spectacle.

・Manufacturer: LIBROM Craft Sake Brewery

・Origin: Fukuoka Prefecture

・Ingredients: rice, rice malt, Amaou (auxiliary ingredients)

・Alcohol content: 1 degree

・Contents: 500ml