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Forbidden Land / Grodziskie【500ml】

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[WCB × THE SMOKE CLUB Collaboration! @thesmokeclub_texasbbq】

The only Texas Barbeque Shop in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, WCB's directly managed store "OASIS" has revived a collaboration beer with "THE SMOKE CLUB", which forms a tag as "HOT UP" in the food department !

Completed using smoked malt with the excellent skills of TSC, a professional smoker . It has a faint smoky scent and a faint and gentle herbal feel reminiscent of lemongrass. It is dry and light-bodied, with little bitterness, and the acidity derived from wheat creates a refreshing aftertaste that spreads softly in the aftertaste .

This is a forbidden land that every beer lover longs for. “Sky-high hops,” “overgrown barley,” and “beautiful, transparent water sources.” Natural yeast lives freely, and there may or may not be beer that gushes out like a spring.

Are you happy or unlucky when you arrive? I took a sip, but in the end, I can't turn back.

※Keep refrigerated

・Product: Beer


・Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture

・Ingredients: Malt (manufactured in England), hops

・Alcohol content: 4.0 degrees

・Contents: 500ml

・Style: Grodziskie