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《Japanese botanical sake “FONIA”》
It is an innovative sake that incorporates Japanese citrus fruits and herbs such as yuzu, lemon, Japanese pepper, and ginger into sake brewing .

Instead of just mixing Japanese citrus fruits and herbs, we put them in the fermentation process of Japanese sake, creating a wonderful harmony with the taste and aroma of rice-derived sake.

It is characterized by a powerful flavor that is brewed with the power of natural microorganisms using the naturally cultivated rice "Kame no O" and the spice that is created by adding ginger and Japanese pepper to it.

*Refrigeration recommended

・Manufacturer: Eau de Vie Shonai

・Distributor: WAKAZE

・Origin: Yamagata Prefecture

・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

・Sub-ingredients: ginger, Japanese pepper, yuzu

・Alcohol content: 14%


・Contents: 500ml