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Far Yeast Peach Haze / Fruited Hazy Pale Ale【350ml】

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[Evolved into a finish that allows you to enjoy the texture of freshly picked peaches! ]

A hazy style fruit pale ale made with plenty of freshly picked peaches.

The hops used are “El Dorado”, which has a scent like stone fruit, and “Mosaic”, which has a tropical scent.

Two types of hops enhance the aroma of peaches.

The manufacturing method has undergone some changes since last year. Last year, the harvested peaches were frozen once to destroy the fiber before being pureed. is processed into juice as it is.

In addition, by adding the juice at the time of preparation and at the end of fermentation, the peaches will blend into the beer, maximizing the juiciness of raw peaches, the thick mouthfeel, and the natural aroma of peaches. It has become a finish that takes advantage of.

The amount of oats, which is often used in Hazy IPA to thicken and cloudy beer, has been reduced since last year, allowing you to enjoy the natural thickening of peaches.

If you drink it well chilled, the bursting freshness of peach cider stands out, and as the temperature rises, the fragrance opens and the sweet aroma spreads.

Depending on the temperature, you can enjoy various flavors with one bottle.

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: FAR YEAST BREWING

・Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture

・Alcohol content: 5.5 degrees

Ingredients: Peaches (produced in Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture), barley malt, oats, wheat malt, hops, sugars

・Contents: 350ml

·style: Fruited Hazy Pale Ale