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es Stem01 <Hana>

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The es series of sake glasses produced by Kimoto Glass

This glass was developed to maximize the enjoyment of gorgeously fragrant sake.

If you want to enjoy sake in a luxurious and elegant way, this glass is your choice.

Try pairing it with Daiginjo, which has a gorgeous aroma, and sake with a fruity aroma.

The sake is soft and gently melts and spreads in your mouth.

It is a glass with a "flower" that makes even the finger holding the glass look beautiful.

This glass, which features a curved mouth and a bulging form, is calculated so that the lips spread sideways when drinking sake, and the sake flows over the entire tongue.

Fragrance components can easily stay in the glass, and the caliber is just the right size to fit the nose and mouth.

Manufacturer: Kimoto Glass

Material: soda glass

Size: 160ml