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es Slim01 <refreshing>

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The es series of sake glasses produced by Kimoto Glass

This glass was developed for sparkling sake and sake with a refreshing taste.

The cool form is suitable for junmai ginjo sake and low-malt beer that go down smoothly.

Use this glass for a toast or the first drink before a meal.

The exhilarating feeling when the sake flows through the middle of the tongue and into the back of the throat is exceptional.

There is no better glass for a starter.

It is also recommended for sparkling sake, summer sake, and sake that you want to drink cold.

It was designed by Shinichi Sumikawa, one of Japan's leading designers. The ergonomic silhouette fits perfectly on your fingertips and lips.

Manufacturer: Kimoto Glass

Material: soda glass

Size: 120ml

es Slim01 &lt;refreshing&gt;
es Slim01 <refreshing> Sale price¥2,723