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Endgame Magic / TDH Hazy Triple IPA【500ml】

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It's an old saying, many generations ago.
After all the battles, we finally get our hands on the “ Endgame” Magic
An ancient magic that remains in the myth that the hop oracle, the originator of hop dude, chanted .
The alchemist has obtained three amazing hops that emit a mysterious light in the dark night and have the power of spells to defeat evil.
[ Nelson Sauvin / Citra Cryo / Galaxy ]

How is the impact of TDH (three times dry hop) finished with magic ?
Flavors transition to tropical as well as aromas reminiscent of peach, mango and pineapple . It has a sweet taste with a nectar-like texture. The aftertaste is lingering with the flavor of orange pulp.

There is a report of an attack from the forces led by Nemesis.
This attack is just the beginning,
The alchemist continues to swing his staff to repel the forces of darkness that are approaching .
Now, I'm ready to meet you.
Endgame Magic ” can put an end to this battle!?

※Keep refrigerated

・Item: Beer ・Manufacturer: West Coast Brewing
・Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture ・Alcohol: 9% ・IBU: -
・Material name: Malt (manufactured in England), sugars, hops
·style: TDH Hazy Triple IPA
・Contents: 500ml