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NGC4755 / SOUR DIPA【350ml】

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NGC4755 called the jewel box of the universe
Aspiring to become a space master who is at the forefront of galactic glitter culture and who refines his spirit.
popular star clusters
It looks like you've just arrived at NGC4755.
Can you become one with the brilliance of sparkling glitter!? ?
you are the universe !
[Brewers Note]
We prepared a sour IPA to express a piece of NGC4755 sparkle.
Passion fruit, guava, and tons of hops! ! !
Fruit + sourness + hops = In order to make this NGC4755 glitter,
change it,
A final blend of separately fermented beers and fruit.
Passion Guava Le Full Orange Creamy Sour Finish! ! !

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Uchu Brewing

・Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture

・Raw material name: Malt (manufactured in Canada), passion fruit juice, guava juice, lactose, malt
Dextrin, hops, wheat/acidulant

・Alcohol content: 7 degrees

・Contents: 350ml