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The 5th dimension festival that young people all over the universe are looking forward to
The dancing song of the five-dimensional fruit masters is called space pop,
A legendary group in space music history.
Let's dance with Space Pop on Earth! ! !
[Brewers Note]
In order to express SPACE POP, this time we brewed using only Mosaic hops from Uchu Select.
Dancing in the space with yeast and Mosaic hops that smell like apricots! ! !
A super drinkable pale ale with light hops and a refreshingly fruity finish!
Peach Passion Tangerine A Little Blueberry! ! !

※Keep refrigerated

·style: PALE ALE
・Alcohol: 5%

・Product: Low-malt beer with a malt usage rate of 50% or more ・Ingredients: Malt (foreign production), hops/Hop: Mosaic
・Contents: 350ml