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Uchu QUEST Nelson Sauvin / DDH OAT CREAM DIPA【350ml】

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The adventure to find the 5th dimension fruit, that is Uchu Quest.
A legendary floating continent that still exists in the fifth dimension.
The brave must conquer all continents.
Each continent's popular space questie drink has been reproduced with oat cream IPA.
[Brewers Note]
To reproduce the space quest drink that can be drunk in the legendary underground city of Agarta
Strongly used only Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand.
Dedicated to all Nelson Lovers.
Kiwi Dunk Grapefruit White Grapes! !

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Uchu Brewing ・Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture ・Ingredients: Malt (foreign-produced), oats, sugars, hops, maltodextrin, lactose/hops: Nelson Sauvin
・Alcohol content: 8.5 degrees Contents: 350ml