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Uchu QUEST Mosaic / DDH OAT CREAM DIPA【350ml】

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Dunk Tangerine Creamy Lemon Grapefruit A little mango!
The adventure to find the 5th dimension fruit, that is Uchu Quest.
A legendary floating continent that still exists in the fifth dimension.
The brave must conquer all continents.
Each continent's popular space questie drink has been reproduced with oat cream IPA.
[Brewers Note]
To reproduce the space quest drink that can be drunk on the legendary Utopia continent
I used Uchu Select Mosaic Hop.
Among Uchu Brewing beers, Uchuu QUEST uses a fairly large amount of hops.
Lot selection is done so that the negative part is not emphasized even with a large amount of usage.
I think mosaic hop is an interesting hop every time I use it.
The expression changes like a mosaic pattern depending on the beer style, the amount used, and the temperature of the beer.
I love mosaic hops.
Dunk Tangerine Creamy Lemon Grapefruit A little mango! ! !

※Keep refrigerated
・Product: Beer ・Manufacturer: UCHU BREWING
・Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture ・Alcohol content:
・Material name:
Malt (manufactured in Canada), oats, hops, sugars, maltodextrin, lactose, Mosaic (hops)
・Contents: 350ml