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Shooting Star IPA / DDH WHEAT IPA【350ml】

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A shooting star has long been said to be the compass for the five-dimensional fruit.
It is said that Uchu hermits, who have mastered the 5th dimensional fruit, once looked up at the sky to see which way to go when they got lost.
Such shooting stars will gently push the backs of people who are walking on a roadless road tonight.

[Brewers Note]

WHEAT IPA with a large amount of wheat malt to express the image of shooting stars!
Grapefruit Orange Mandarin Orange Passion Pineapple! ! Shooting star! !

※Keep refrigerated
・Product: Beer ・Manufacturer: Uchu Brewing ・Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture ・IBU: -
・Material name: Malt (manufactured in Canada), wheat, hops
·hop: Centennial,Citra,Pacific Sunrise
・Alcohol content: 7 degrees
・Contents: 350ml