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It is said that many nebulae in the universe are made of celestial bodies and gas.
It is not known on Earth that it is the work of Fantastic, a famous artist in space.
I tried a high-dimensional collaboration to express Fantastic's work with beer.
Fantastic's message to everyone on earth "Everything in the world is fantastic!!!"

[Brewers Note]
We blended hops from New Zealand and America to express the Crab Nebula! !
Grapefruit White Grape Kiwi Pineapple Lemon Earned Peach! ! !

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Uchu Brewing

・Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture

・Ingredients: Malt (manufactured in Canada), oats, hops, sugars, maltodextrin

・Alcohol content: 9.5 degrees

・Contents: 350ml

・Style: DDH TIPA

・Expiration date: 2022.08.30