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Yamagata Masamune Junmai Ginjo Aizan [720ml]

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Number 1 in Kurauchi Kikizake!
A workmanship that satisfies the brewery! Aizan preparation

Very popular! "Yamagata Masamune" and "Aiyama" are the long-awaited additions this year.
A junmai ginjo brewed with 50% polished Aizan rice from Hyogo Prefecture.
It is said that it goes very well with "Aizan" and "Yamagata Masamune", and it will be the best time to drink.

Ranked number 1 in brewery tasting!
This year again, the brewery was satisfied with the result.

With a refreshing and elegant scent reminiscent of Muscat, and a smooth mouthfeel,
A certain transparent taste spreads in the mouth.
The faint sweetness is also pleasant, and the end is beautifully sharp. Even the aftertaste is so beautiful.
It is a superb product that you can feel the freshness in the elegant taste just like the image of the label.

・Manufacturer: Mitobe Sake Brewery ・Origin: Yamagata Prefecture
・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
・Rice used: Aizan from Hyogo Prefecture
・Rice polishing ratio: 50%
・Alcohol content: 15 degrees ・Contents: 720ml