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Myokosan New Sake Fresh Spade [720ml/1800ml]

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The symbols on the playing cards represent spring for clover, summer for diamonds, autumn for hearts, and winter for spades.
The Myoko Sake Brewery Trump series releases seasonal limited sake with sake quality that matches the season and a label with the Trump mark as a motif.
The winter limited fresh spade is a freshly squeezed new sake made with new rice harvested this fall.
It features a youthful, fruity aroma and fresh taste.
Please enjoy the freshly made flavor once a year.
The label is the work of Masumi Hotta, a Christal ART designer who has exhibited at museums and department stores and has released many works to the world.
The cute label is based on the character "Humpty Dumpty" from the fairy tale Alice series.

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Myoko Sake Brewery ・Origin: Niigata Prefecture ・Ingredients: Rice from Niigata Prefecture
・Rice polishing degree: 70 %
・Alcohol content: 15% or more and less than 16% ・Contents: 720ml/1,800ml