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Junmai Ginjo Myokosan lees garami unrefined sake [720ml/1800ml]

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The freshly-squeezed “Tokubetsu Junmai Myokosan”, which is one of Myoko Shuzo’s most popular year-round products, is available exclusively in winter.

A fresh scent unique to freshly squeezed, and a sensual flavor with an outstanding impact that oozes out from the dregs drifting faintly like snow.
Because it is a "raw unprocessed sake" that does not undergo pasteurization or adding water, you can directly enjoy the real pleasure of freshly squeezed new sake.
It is a special sake that can only be tasted during this season, with just the right amount of vitality.

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Myoko Sake Brewery
・Origin: Niigata Prefecture
・Raw material name: Gohyakumangoku
・Rice polishing degree: 60%
・Alcohol content: 17 degrees or more and less than 18 degrees
・Contents: 720ml/1,800ml