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Pure Blue Banshu Omachi Ikimoto Junmai Ginjo [720ml / 1800ml]

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Limited distribution "Junsei" by Mr. Fukunishiki, who brews pure rice sake. The entire amount is made with Fukukin-ryu kimoto-zukuri, and the beautiful acidity is placed at the center of the taste. Please try the good balance that complements your meal regardless of Japanese or Western.

Since R1BY, Fukunishiki has been taking on the challenge of discovering, cultivating, and brewing sake rice suitable for the Banshu Plain as “Junsei Special”.

This year is "Omachi". Omachi has established an immovable position in Okayama Prefecture, but according to old documents, even here in the Banshu region of Hyogo Prefecture, from the Meiji to the Taisho eras, it was the most planted sake rice. You can see that it was central. In addition, I thought that the fact that it had been made so much would not be a bad match in terms of climate and soil, so I asked for cultivation.

Because of the old sake rice, which is close to the native species, the awns (like whiskers growing at the tip of the ears) shine white in the early days, and when they grow up, the majestic appearance of waving red was a spectacular sight. .
Currently, the moromi of "Banshu Omachi" (not the name of the cultivar. It is a common name.) is in the process of fermenting, but for this year's rice, it seems to be able to be expected to dissolve well and have a full flavor. Like every year, it was the first preparation, so I fermented while observing the situation, and carefully considered the finish, such as whether to mix the dough and how to heat it.

*Refrigeration recommended

・Item: Sake
·manufacturer: Fukunishiki
・Origin: Hyogo Prefecture
・Alcohol: 16% ・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
・Raw material rice: Omachi
・Contents: 720ml or 1,800ml

純青 播州雄町 生もと純米吟醸 【720ml】
Pure Blue Banshu Omachi Ikimoto Junmai Ginjo [720ml / 1800ml] Sale price¥3,702