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Fukunishiki Junmai Nigorizake [720ml]

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Fukunishiki's first new sake, the freshly squeezed cloudy version of Kinuhikari!

I received a new sake guide from "Fuku Nishiki". The first new sake is Kinuhikari pure rice.
Made with 70% milled Kinuhikari rice grown locally in Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Kinuhikari is an edible rice that some people eat on a regular basis.
Sake is made not only from rice suitable for sake brewing, but also from edible rice (general rice).
The charm of sake made from edible rice is its plump, rustic flavor. The youthfulness of new sake and the umami of Kinuhikari are in perfect harmony.

In addition, you can enjoy the relaxing feeling and popping gas that is unique to "Nigori"!

And speaking of turbidity, hot sake! Please enjoy it hot.

* Requires refrigeration / Manufacturer: Fukunishiki / Origin: Hyogo Prefecture / Rice polishing ratio: 70%
・Rice used: Kinuhikari from Kasai City ・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
・Burning: Raw sake (no heat treatment)
・Alcohol content: 17 degrees
・Contents: 720ml