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Fukunishiki pure rice freshly squeezed [720ml/1,800ml]

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Fukunishiki's new sake No. 1 is full of Kinuhikari flavor!

I received a new sake guide from "Fuku Nishiki". The first new sake is Kinuhikari pure rice.
Made with 70% milled Kinuhikari rice grown locally in Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Speaking of Kinuhikari, it is an edible rice that some people eat on a regular basis.
Sake is made not only from rice suitable for sake brewing, but also from edible rice (general rice).
A plump and rustic flavor unique to sake made from edible rice. The youthfulness of new sake and the umami of Kinuhikari are in perfect harmony.

Many new sakes have a youthful appearance, which is also attractive, but this sake has a good balance from the new sake stage.

* Requires refrigeration / Manufacturer: Fukunishiki / Origin: Hyogo Prefecture / Rice polishing ratio: 70%
・Rice used: Kinuhikari from Kasai City ・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
・Burning: Raw sake (no heat treatment)
・Alcohol content: 17 degrees
・Contents: 720ml