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Kaika Junmai Ginjo Centrifugal Unfiltered Raw Sake [720ml]

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Sophisticated junmai ginjo unprocessed sake with a gorgeous aroma and fine umami, squeezed by a centrifugal method

Centrifugal separation method is used for upper tank, and it is characterized by sophisticated and gorgeous ginjo aroma and surprisingly smooth and fine taste.

The sweetness of fresh melon and pear, the bitterness and light acidity of grapefruit, and the refreshing nose of mint bring the whole together.

・Manufacturer: Daiichi Shuzo ・Origin: Tochigi Prefecture ・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
・Alcohol content: 16% ・Sake content: -2
・Acidity: 1.4
・Amino acid level: 1.2
・Contents: 720ml