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Ryusei Kura Nama Sake Namamoto Hattan [720ml / 1,800ml]

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About "Kurasei Genshu" It is the first sake squeezed in the new year, and it is also the first sake squeezed out of Junmai Ginjo sake.

Brewed using "Hattan No. 35" from Hiroshima, this "Kura Nama Genshu" is not heat-treated at all, and is characterized by its fine, neat and powerful taste.
After New Year's Day, we will have a kuradashi around the time of Kagami-biraki, so we would like you to enjoy the taste and aroma with meals while the rhythm of life returns from the New Year mood to everyday life.

About sake brewing rice "Hattan No. 35" <br>Hattan No. 35 is a sake brewing rice that has long been representative of Hiroshima Prefecture. Inheriting the genealogy of the phantom rice ``Hattan grass'' which was a native species, it was born by crossing ``Hattan 10'' and ``Shuho''. It is softer than Hattan Nishiki and may break during rice polishing, but it absorbs water well and dissolves easily. It has a fine, transparent taste and a glossy aroma, and is characterized by a smooth and light finish that is pleasant to the palate.

Characteristics of “Kura Nama Genshu” <br> 1. Sake that goes well with ponzu sauce 1. Sake quality design that is delicious cold or at room temperature

・Product: Sake ・Manufacturer: Fujii Sake Brewery ・Origin: Hiroshima Prefecture ・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
·Alcohol degree: 17 degrees
・Contents: 720ml or 1,800ml
Kimoto preparation, no yeast added, total amount Hattan No. 35 preparation, 60% polishing, 17 degrees