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Mixseed Series 2022 ShAKE Shinya Ishibashi sake [500ml]

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Mr. Ishibashi has been managing his own rice fields for more than 10 years while working on the warehouse . From the voice of "I want to drink a unique cloudy sake!"
It is non-foaming so you can enjoy it cold or hot.
Enjoy the smooth Tokuno cloudiness.

"Mixseed" is a coined word that combines MIX and Seed.
Like a seed that is about to sprout, young brewers with great potential join forces to create the sake they want to express.

* Refrigeration required / Product name: Mutsu Hassen Mixseed Series “ShAKE”
・Raw material rice: Rice from Aomori Prefecture ・Rice polishing rate: Undisclosed ・Alcohol content: 16 degrees ・Yeast: Yeast from Aomori Prefecture ・Kuramoto name: Hachinohe Sake Brewery