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Mixseed Series 2022 KM96 Kenta Kimura Sake [500ml]

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When you put it in your mouth, it has a fruity scent like melon and a grain-like incense.
The low-polished grains and sourness are well-balanced, and there is a crisp gas on the tongue, so you can keep drinking without getting tired of it.

Warming it brings out the umami and sourness, so it goes well with meat dishes and can be enjoyed with meals.

Mikuseed is a series that Iwate's brewers think up a concept and challenge .
Young brewers with great potential like seeds sprouting in the future worked together to brew the sake they wanted to express.

Sake with a rice polishing ratio of 96% using the Kimura family's rice "Masshigura".
The 3rd year challenge is the culmination for me.
I struggled to find a balance between umami and acidity.
You can enjoy a wide range of sake from cold sake to hot sake.
Please try this taste that you can never meet again.

*Refrigeration recommended
・Manufacturer: Hachinohe Sake Brewery ・Origin: Aomori Prefecture
・Recommended temperature range: luke warm
・Raw rice Masshigura from Aomori Prefecture
・Alcohol content: 13%
・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
Rice polishing ratio: 96%
・Contents: 500ml