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Shizenshu Namamoto Hatsuyuki Nama [720ml/1800ml]

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New winter popular sake from Niida Honke has arrived!

It will be a new sake of Junmai Genshu. Like new sake, it has a crisp bubbly feel and a gorgeous aroma. “Hatsuyuki” is the strength of Abashiri and the gorgeous and refined taste.
(Because it is fermented in the bottle, please be aware that there is no risk that the stopper will fly off when you open it.)

Niida Honke uses 100% natural rice to make pure rice, and for the sake of Japan's future filled with healthy rice fields, let's have fun (in moderation!) and protect Japan's rice fields!
Nobuhiko Niida, 18th head of the Niida family

*All "Shizenshu" brands are made with "orthodox kimoto-zukuri" and no added yeast (yeast with a brewery), as well as the brewery's own "four-stage brewing process".

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Niida Honke
・Origin: Fukushima Prefecture
・Alcohol content: 16.5 degrees
Uses natural cultivation Toyonishiki (organic JAS certified)
·yeast: Yeast with no yeast additives
・Rice polishing ratio: 80 %
・Burning: unrefined sake
・Contents: 720ml/1800ml