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Niida Grand Cru [720ml]

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Yasuhiko Niida, the current brewer ``18th generation'', made wooden barrels from the cedar wood from the company's own mountain that was planted by 16th generation. Shu” is brewed using only naturally cultivated rice from our own fields, natural water from our brewery, and microorganisms from our brewery.

Water, rice, microbes, trees, and a bottle drawn by a 19th generation candidate.
All come from Tamura-machi, where the brewery is located. Sake that can be called the ultimate terroir, the starting point of self-sufficiency.

・Manufacturer: Niida Honke ・Origin: Fukushima Prefecture ・Ingredients: Rice ( Omachi, own field natural cultivation rice ), rice malt (domestic rice)
・Rice polishing ratio: 88%
・Alcohol content: 16 degrees ・Contents: 720ml