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Tenno Hiyaoroshi pure rice fresh undiluted sake [720ml]

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Junmai Shiro Label We have selected the best whiskey from 500 Mangoku tank storage. It is a raw unblended whiskey that is not pasteurized when bottling.

The tank I chose is Junmai sake made at the end of 30BY. The pasteurization is done in the second half of April and the maturation period is short, but it was much better than the one with the long maturation period in January due to the kneadedness of Mikkakoji and the low temperature. It was a very interesting result that the quality of construction surpassed the aging period.

The top incense has a refreshing citrus scent, a sweet scent of rice malt, and Ginko. There is little feeling of unprocessed sake, and the sweetness is smooth and pleasant to the touch. I feel the taste of koji with a little examination and thickness.

The aftertaste is astringent and sharp taste of Gohyakumangoku. Immediately after pouring or when the temperature is low, you will feel the acidity strongly. It is a full-bodied sake that becomes very mellow and sharp when it is poured and the temperature rises. Raise the temperature and enjoy it slowly. The standard is pure rice sake, but you can get a glimpse of the splendor of pure rice ginjo class unblended sake.

・Ingredients: rice, rice koji ・Raw rice: Gohyakumangoku from Okuizumo ・Alcohol: 18% ・Rice polishing ratio: 60%