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Kanaderu Junmai Daiginjo Origami pizzicato [720ml]

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The 2022 brewing No. 1 of "Kanaderu" brewed in Sado's climate at a sustainable brewery and school brewery that brews sake with Sado's resources and renewable energy.

Slightly effervescent (pizzicato). Brewed with a low-alcohol unblended whiskey manufacturing method, after removing the bag, it is stored as raw sake for a while without being filtered, and then it is lightly waited for a secondary slight explosion in the bottle, and then pasteurized while leaving a light and slightly fizzy property. .
Chill well and enjoy the refreshing and light sweetness and sourness of the light cloudiness.

[Brand Story]
A closed school that was touted as "the elementary school with the most beautiful sunset in Japan"
In 2014, the school's brewery, which was refurbished as a sake brewery, brews sake using Sado-produced rice and renewable energy.

In 2022, the "KANADEL" series was born from this school storehouse.
In the same way that there are infinite tones, the raw materials of sake, of course,
The flavor spreads infinitely depending on the method of preparation and the passage of temperature.
Gakkogura was originally a school, so I would like to express sake while learning various production methods. I went to sake making with such a thought.
Exploring sake brewing as if freely playing the tone,
I want to taste the colorful flavors.
"Kanaderu / KANADEL" in harmony with the climate of Sado.
We will deliver new possibilities of Japanese sake.

The label design expresses how Sado's wonderful natural blessings of satoyama, satoumi, and bountiful harvests are put on a staff notation to create a rich harmony.

※Keep refrigerated

·kinds: Junmai Daiginjo
・Manufacturer: Obata Sake Brewery ・Origin: Niigata Prefecture
·Alcohol degree: 14.5 degrees
·raw materials: Koshitanrei use
・Rice polishing ratio: 50 %
・Contents: 720ml