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Neon Pils / Neon Pils【500ml】

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WCB × Inkhorn Brewing Collaboration!!

neon sign. The warmth and voluptuousness of its glow seduces Hop Dude. In order to get that light for myself, I learned from an old friend and put it into practice.

The second collaboration with "Inkhorn Brewing" in Mejiro, Tokyo. WCB's brewers are also stimulated, and their performances that continue to shine brightly at all times. Respecting Inkhorn's technology and knowledge, this time I received special recipe instruction from "Flocc Members" and reproduced it based on WCB's interpretation...!

A faintly cloudy liquid color, like dimly lit neon. Using the example of Neon being the second lightest Noble gas, isn't it too light using Noble hops?!

Aroma of green grass with lemon candy and herbs. The flavor has a refreshing impression reminiscent of lemongrass and mint. There is also a faint citrus feeling like the pulp of hassaku. Crispy and light-bodied mouthfeel with a pleasant lemon peel-like bitterness.

Proof of credibility and trust is the touch of the fist under the neon sign. Our technical exchange will continue straight ahead.

※Keep refrigerated

·style: neon pills
・Alcohol: 8.5%
·raw materials:
Centennial, Hallertau Tradition, Hersbrucker & Saphir
・Contents: 500ml