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The Lightning Council: Boss 02 / Hazy Double IPA【500ml】

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Move forward with uncertainty.
Justice that confronts the darkness and the "first path" chosen by the five heroes. As I proceeded through the pitch-black abyss, light leaked vaguely in the distance. If you look closely, you will see a solemn inorganic brewing laboratory that does not look like a cave. The moment they took a step forward, "they" appeared with a thunderous flash and growl.

Wearing a suspicious light, this is a Hop Dude researcher...?!?! I've heard stories about those two strange rumors. A researcher possessed by evil magic has disappeared, and a mad scientist is lurking in Mochimune.

Aroma reminiscent of banana, white peach and grapefruit. From the same rich flavor, you can also feel the sweet lemon-like flavor of the mandarin oranges pickled in syrup. After a milky mouthfeel, the bitterness of citrus fruit works to finish.

The heroes cannot hide their astonishment and turmoil against an unexpected opponent. On the other hand, Mad and his friends desperately tried to hide the "something" that was emitting light behind them. (What is that strangely shining stone...?) I just know it intuitively. that you must defeat them in order to proceed.

※Keep refrigerated
・Style: Hazy Double IPA
・Alcohol: 8.5%
·raw materials:
Rakau, EG Comet, Motueka & Motueka
・Contents: 500ml