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Sidechain Series 02 / American Pale Ale【500ml】

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"My role is to excite the Hop Dudes"

Presented by a talented producer who continues to provide works that exceed expectations every time
The new series second of WCB.
Enough to drive even the Alchemist crazy,
His genius and precise hop melodies are second to none,
It continues to reign as the top of the music world.

Citrus and floral aroma, moderate hop flavor gives impression of grassiness and watermelon. Medium to light bodied mouthfeel with a hint of bready maltiness. It also has a smooth aftertaste with no astringency.

Various elements resonate little by little,
The one and only recipe adjusted for this cup is
The more I listen to it, the more I drink it, the more it sticks in my head.
Sidechain that sips along with endless play.

towards the direction of the sound. Even if it is inconsistent, leave it alone.
To the destination where the flowing tones and golden shining liquid lead.
The destination where I entrust myself to...

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: West Coast Brewing
・Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture ・Alcohol content: 6% ・Ingredients: Malt (manufactured in England), hops
・Contents: 500ml
·style: American Pale Ale