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Escape / Pina Colada Sour【500ml】

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A great unexplored region of mystery wrapped in silence as if time had stopped. Hop Dude, an adventurer who pursues new recipes, has finally landed on his destination as if to escape from the beer he used to be. Beyond the mirage. I finally found a mysterious floating island floating on the surface of the water that has been handed down since ancient times.

A few phantom fruits have grown on the island, and although it can be seen with the naked eye, how will Hop Dude confront this land that is difficult to reach? ! His true quest is just beginning...

Freshly cut pineapple is combined with the sweet scent of coconut to create an aroma reminiscent of almond kernels. The mellow taste of pineapple and the plump texture of coconut are the best match! The aftertaste of moderately sour taste continues with sweetness but no corners.

※Keep refrigerated
・Style: Pina Colada Sour
・Alcohol: 6.5%
・Production area: Mochimune, Shizuoka ・Contents: 500ml