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TROPICAL LOVE / Kolsch【500ml】

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WCB x Denki Groove
Special Shizuoka Collaboration!!!
@denkigroove_official @takkyuishino @pierre_taki

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tropical love

The sweet and sour lime taste makes Hop Dude's heart flutter, and he remembers the secret of that day. Even though I restrained my heart from jumping up with Kolsch, the drunkenness only increased my heart rate.

It's only a matter of time before you feel like it. Even if I overestimate the power of beer, today is fine, right? A late-night psychological warfare that unravels the pulse.

The refreshing scent of lime and the aroma of fermented bread. The slightly sour lime flavor has a hint of malt sweetness reminiscent of honey. Light-bodied and drinkable, it has just the right amount of acidity on the tongue, and the flavor of lime juice spreads in the mouth.

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tropical love

©Denki Groove

※Keep refrigerated

・Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture ・Alcohol: 5.0% ・Ingredients: Malt (manufactured in Germany), lime juice, hops ・Style: Kolsch w/Lime