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Velstar / Session IPA【500ml】

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VELTEX Shizuoka is a professional basketball team that Shizuoka City is proud of.
A new batch of the official beer "VELSTAR" bearing the name of the booster of VELTEX Shizuoka has finally been completed. Basketball, which Hop Dudes love so much, is about to start a hot season again this year...!

White peach, grapefruit and floral aromas. A refreshingly bitter flavor reminiscent of Japanese pear, pineapple and grapefruit peel. The mouthfeel is drinkable, and the herb-like scent lingers in the mouth.

“ALL IN” to achieve all things. The 2022-23 season will finally start in October. The WCB is always supporting them with all their strength, full of challenging spirit, and always looking forward and continuing to evolve.

Now everything is ready!
Raise your right hand and cheer with all your might, attach VELSTAR to your left hand and go wild in the arena.

※Keep refrigerated

・Item: Beer ・Manufacturer: West Coast Brewing
・Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture ・Alcohol: 4.5% ・IBU: -
・Material name: El Dorado, Nelson Sauvin & Mosaic
·style: Session IPA
・Contents: 500ml